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Landmark entertaiment introduced in Viet Nam

August, 25th 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City held a premiere ceremony of Landmark Asia in Vietnam


In the ceremony, core leaders of Landmark Asia from Korea presented developing experiences as well as aims and expectation of the company

Mr.Sam Chi – President of Landmark Asia Holdings considered Vietnam as a potential country to develop in movie making, entertainment, real estates and high technologies so he hope to make more investment in Vietnamese world-class movies

Sam Chi is a Korean-American business man with 25 years of experiences and wide network in many industries, a member of many trusted companies such as JPMorgan and Price Warehouse

2005 he associated with Landmark Entertainment Group USA-a Design Present Company – to found Landmark Asia. Sam later became Landmark Asia’s chairman in 2006. In 2012, Sam established a fund named “Texas Investment” which later became the “side-kick” of Landmark Asia in finance, investment and consulting.

Landmark Asia introduced in Viet Nam

Especially, the event included two important signings: The signing between Landmark Asia Vietnam and Trang Trieu Public Relations Company which claimed Mrs Trang Trieu to be the CEO of Landmark Asia Vietnam alongside Quynh Chi- founder of CHP Entertainment for the upcoming movies.

Trang Trieu expressed: “Landmark Asia is investing in many industries in Vietnam but the first hit is aiming to entertainment and media. We are now searching for diverse potential investment, becoming long-term strategic partner of numerous companies. At the beginning, we decided to invest in CHP Entertainment of Quynh Chi”- said Landmark Asia Vietnam representative about the company‘s aim and plan.

In details, Landmark Vietnam will take part into movie projects produced by CHP Entertainment, supply with equipment, technology, human resources trained in Korea. These movies will also be support in publishing in Korea and other Asian countries.

Started from working in showbiz, Quynh Chi knows well the operation of media companies and entertainments. The key according to her is to create the same language and to convey the message. And CHP Entertainment chose Vietnamese color to be the main color of their products.

In 2019, CHP Entertainment will premiere two high-quality movies with the assistance of Landmark Vietnam. “In the progress of development, I am very lucky to get many help from successful international companies and Sam Chi’s Landmark Asia is one of them”- the host-actress claimed.

In the luxury space of Gem Center, the event were filled with attendances of many investors native and abroad, the media and famous celebrities such as Viet Anh, Cong Ninh, Thanh Dien, Phi Phung, Hua Vi Van, Nhan Phuc Vinh,Huynh Dong, Anh Tai,Phi Nga, Long Dep Trai, etc.

Landmark Asia introduced in Viet Nam

Landmark Asia is a finance, real estate, and entertainment company, established in Korea, 2001 with big investments in intellectual products all over the world and the major partner of Landmark USA.

After 17 years of development, Landmark Asia has been investing directly in global movies, from Hollywood to Japan, Korea, etc. Many successful investment is the world’s blockbuster such as Transformer, The Fast & The Furious and so on. In Asia and Korea in particular, Oldboy (2003) is one of the remarkable movies invested by Landmark