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All That Matters 2018 was successfully held

All That Matters 2018 was successfully held. This September 15, the All That Matters festival returned to the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore. All That Matters will again provide you with the opportunity to make thousands of business connections with the global entertainment community across Music, Sport, Gaming, Digital and Marketing. ATM 2018 really impressed participants with many exciting new features: - New speakers : 75% features of this year was brought by new speakers. - Conference : More than 150 speakers with 30 Sessions , 5 fields and 80 activites - Networking: pool party, lunch and after party for people to [...]

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Landmark entertaiment introduced in Viet Nam

August, 25th 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City held a premiere ceremony of Landmark Asia in Vietnam   In the ceremony, core leaders of Landmark Asia from Korea presented developing experiences as well as aims and expectation of the company Mr.Sam Chi – President of Landmark Asia Holdings considered Vietnam as a potential country to develop in movie making, entertainment, real estates and high technologies so he hope to make more investment in Vietnamese world-class movies Sam Chi is a Korean-American business man with 25 years of experiences and wide network in many industries, a member of many [...]

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LANDMARK CEO Sam Chi: Blockchain will challenge the Hollywood Hegemony

ForkLog: Hi Sam (President Landmark Asia)! You started your career in the financial sector and served as the Vice President at JPMorgan&Chase. Do you consider blockchain as a financial technology at first place? Sam: I believe that blockchain forms the next generation IT-industry. The financial sector has to work with blockchain and implement DLT-tech. In the past we could have separated those things - I mean information tech and finances developed seperately, but now it’s no longer true. It’s one thing now, the traditional paradigm of finance is no longer there. ForkLog: What’s the future for the movie-making industry? [...]

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