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All That Matters 2018 was successfully held

//All That Matters 2018 was successfully held

All That Matters 2018 was successfully held

All That Matters 2018 was successfully held.

This September 15, the All That Matters festival returned to the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore.
All That Matters will again provide you with the opportunity to make thousands of business connections with the global entertainment community across Music, Sport, Gaming, Digital and Marketing.

ATM 2018 really impressed participants with many exciting new features:

New speakers : 75% features of this year was brought by new speakers.
Conference : More than 150 speakers with 30 Sessions , 5 fields and 80 activites
Networking: pool party, lunch and after party for people to have more and more business connections
Liveshow: 30 bands, 5 nights at many venues.

Associated with AirAsia, Alibaba, Amazon, ASTRO, Cathay Pacific, China Sports Media, CMC Holdings, Empire, ESL, F1, Facebook, FOX Sports, Globe Telecom, Go-Jek, Google, INgrooves, J&J, Live Nation, Lufthansa, Mediacorp, Microsoft, Mission Hills, NBA, Netflix, Ogilvy, ONE Championship, Perform, Philips, PUBG, Riot Games, Spotify, Standard Chartered, Singapore Tourism Board, Telkom Indonesia, Tencent, The Coca-Cola Company, Twitch, Twitter, Ubisoft, Unilever, Universal Music, Viacom, VICE, Warner Music, YouTube and more


Thanks to Tencent Music Entertainment Group:

  • China Matters:  The Tencent Music Forum China – Strategies and significants of one of the world’s most competitive market
  • Keynotes Matter: Jonathan Dickins (CEO, September Management/ Manager Adele),Grammy Nominee DJ Kaskade, Andrew Jenkins ( President Australia & APAC Universal Music ), Marcie Allen (President MAC Presents), Denis Ladegaillerie (CEO , Believe Group), Josh Rabinowitz (EVP/ Director of Music Grey/WPP), Paul Smith (President, International Licensing, Spotify) , vv…
  • Talents: Music Matters Academy for 200 talented artists.
  • Live Music: More knowledge in live show industry such as tickets, sponsors, branding,EDM,etc…
  • Indies: Success of Indie labels, bands and company in Asia.
  • Youth : Focus mainly on young polulation countries in Asia such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India .
  • Sync:  YG Entertainment, Sony Music, Disney, Grey/WPP, Unilever, Warner Music Group and more
  • India:  Entertainment and media consuming in India is having a positive signal which has many effects in music industry.
  • Data Matters: Urgent information for avoiding risks and reclaiming benefits.


Thanks to FOX Sports và ONE Championship:

  • Keynotes Matter: Brendan Donohue (NBA2K), Italo Zanzi (FOX Sports), Chatri Sityodtong (ONE Championship), Yu Hang (DDMC Fortis), Patrick Murphy (Fortis Sports), Tenniel Chu (Mission Hills), Jun Zhao (China Sports Media), Sundar Raman(Reliance Sports)
  • China and India: Reality of media, sport and entertainment of the world’s biggest markets. 
  • Football: A new era of Asia
  • Sports to eSports: an appropriate and essential preparation for the new movement
  • Visions and Aspects : the basic movement in sport media
  • Crowding : Platform’s development results in crow’s approvement 
  • Winning fans: Experts discussed how to own markets, to be significant and form a stable brand
  • Technology  : future of sport data .
  • New generation: New faces of Asia with new ideas, new potential and marketplace.
  • Sponsors: Provided an insight of sport sponsorship.


Thanks to SCOGA:

  • Initiators:  Ralf Reichert (CEO, ESL), Kevin Lin (co-founder, Twitch), CH Kim (CEO ,PUBG Corporation), Jason Fung (President Esports, Alisports), and many more leaders in e-sports .
  • Future of E-Sports: leaders in game , publishing, investment, platform building will provide you with latest information and trusted predicts.
  • Finding today’s audience: The  global dominant of streaming community , platform creators and content designer will discuss about connecting and winning users in the ever-changing society , how to find key-player, how to create ideal marketing strategies with the aim to form the finest brand definition .
  • Monitary : How to make money from game and esport ? Who is chasing and successful ?
  • Esports ecosystem : What an open, stable ecosystem requires and how to join a global ecosystem.


  • Transforing matters: Loke Kheng Tham (CEO, Mediacorp), Sam Chi ( President, Landmark Asia)
  • Social matters:  Gautam Anand (Employing Director , YouTube APAC) and Kay Madati (VP, Contents Partner, Twitter) about upcoming strategies and social platform in order to keep up with daily life.
  • Content Matters : Hosi Simon (VICE Media’s Asia Pacific CEO) interviewing Christopher Smith (SVP Content & Distribution, Go-Jek) about developing content platforms necessary for streaming market
  • Mobile Matters: Ernest Cu (CEO, Globe) discussing about the next development of mobile as well as its impact on our social life.
  • Start-up Matters: Steve Leonard (Founder, CEO , SG Innovate) interviewed  Barbara Guerpillon (President, Unilever Foundry) and Lisa Enckell (Global marketing partner, Antler) the start-up ecosystem in Asia and how to co-operate and to develop together.
  •  Online Video Matter: What does a successful online  video business model need?  Rob Gilby (CEO, founder, Blue Hat Ventures) looked for the answer with Tony Zameczkowski (VP, Business Development Aisa, Netflix) and other suppliers will reveal their own recipes.
  • AI Matters: Leading experts in AI and Learning Machine will discuss the affection of them in changing marketing, health, finance, and daily life.


Thanks to Ogilvy Và World Federation of Advertisers:

  • Content :  Richa Goswami (Global Head of Content, Creative, Digital Platforms and Partnerships, Johnson & Johnson) new approach in producing content and cooperating with influencers to make more profits.
  • Media:  Sital Banerjee (Global Media VP, Philips) looking back a progress of 25 years in media and his own thoughts with David Porter (VP Media, Unilever) about how regulations in the future affects our daily life.
  • Design Matters: Alexander Schlaubitz (VP Marketing, Lufthansa German Airlines) sẽ chia allocating brands with a global view.
  • Branding Matters: Pratik Thakar (VP– Asia Pacific ,Creative & Content Excellence, Coca-Cola Company) an insight in creating brands effectively by his own experiences.
  • GenZ / Creating and winning fans: Finally, what should and should not do to improve the habbit of the community in cosuming media products

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